My First Post Thoughts

I thought I should make this first actual post about the reasons I want to do this. I wanted to take a chance in my life. For me, this is a somewhat uncomfortable change. I am a creature of habit, and really have a hard time putting myself, my thoughts, and my ideas out there for people to see and read.

I have always been a dreamer, and have great thoughts of things I want to do and achieve. However, I haven’t really ever done anything to work towards them. I feel that I really need to take a bit of a plunge and do something. I love helping people and believe that through the outlet of writing, I may be able to do that. Even if it gives a little bit of something to ponder about in ones life throughout the day, that is worth it.

Through the power of prayer, faith and self determination, here I am. I find inspiration in things all around me. This beautiful world and nature is full of it. Just looking out the window and watching the changing of the seasons before my eyes is amazing. I believe the same can happen inside all people wanting to make a change. With some determination, and setting goals, we can all flower and bloom.

Change is hard and uncomfortable, but all it takes is one step to starting walking. A couple more at a faster pace, and your running. Before you know it, changes are happening and your mind opens. I believe that what a person can achieve is exponential with an open mind. I am in the infant stages of this, but Im certainly excited about the future and what it could hold.


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